Monday, May 24, 2010

My rabbit has a lump near her right leg, on her "breast". i just noticed it today. what could it be?

I don't know if she is spayed or not, as she was an adult rabbit when I got her so I can't tell.

Please no stupid answers. She isn't pregnant (she is with a female guinea pig), or nursing, and she is a much loved family pet so only serious answers thanks.
It's possible that it is a tumour.does it seem like it hurts her when you touch it? If it does, I'd say it's more probable to be an abcess. It also could be that she got bitten by you tend to have spider problems in your house? The only way to know for sure is to take her to the vet. If it is a mammary tumour, he'll probably give you some type of topical cream to put on it daily.this will keep it from swelling and becoming painful, and can help to shrink it down.
Possibly cancer. My dog got a lump on his underside and it was cancer. Take her to the vet to get it checked out.
bruzed, cancer, infected, non cancerous growth.
It oculd be a cyst or it could actually be breast cancer. It's more common in rats, but rabbits can get the cancer as well. Just to be safe, take her to the vet and have it looked at. If you're lucky it'll just be a cyst (fluid filled lump) and might only need to be drained.

Good luck!
could be a cyst,,have it checked out.
If the lump grows you should visit a vet.
It could be anything. Best thing is to take her to a vet. Don't start worrying till you need to but whatever you do don't delay. All the best. xxx.
Is the lump hard or soft? It is probably just a cyst (rabbits tend to get them) so you're not going to like what i'm about to tell you to do, but it's necessary. take a sharp, clean razor blade and make a small cut where the lump is. this should not hurt your bunny and actually, it will probably make her feel better. the lump should "pop" like a giant pimple or ooze out puss. clean the area really good and put some neosporin where you made the cut. it should clear up in a few days.
Older animals sometimes develop tumors. This is something that a vet would need to examine in order to determine whether the tumor is a cancer (either malignant [bad] or benign [harmless]) or another growth. I had an older lab who developed a large lump on her chest. It turned out not to be a cancerous growth, but rather a fatty deposit that had built up under her skin. The deposit is not dangerous or life threatening, just slightly alarming to look at. She has it to this day. It kind of looks like she swallowed a golf ball.

My suggestion would be to take the rabbit to a vet if you are really concerned. He / she is should be able to tell you whether the lump poses a health risk.
my poor little bunny had a lump nr her leg it turned out to be cancer and she died during an anastetic we left it quite a while before going to a vet becauese we were scared i guess. I suggest u take her to a vet as soon as you can cos things r easier treat if u act fast. she had i believe mamory cancer which is to do with someting that carries the milk to her breasts so it may b that good luck and i hope she is ok .
Cancer. It's going to die. Eat it.
Just taken my dog to vets a day ago was a cyst just get it checked out (peace of mind) Good luck.
with my dog it turned out to be cancer to but we caught it in time hopefully a trip to the vet will solve everything and it will turn out to be nothing but a cyst doesn't it just crush you when something like this happens and kids do worry good luck i hope everything will be OK
either cancer or a tumor. my pet rat has one too. and it has gotten larger and multiplied into two now. her energy level has dropped conciderably and she will die any day now but has survived with it for over two months. rabbits are simular so it is probablly the same thing. this can be removed surgically.
This is normal and it probably is just a sisk. if it don't go away and still don't get bigger don't worry
My dog had a tumor in the same area. It was removed and found to be cancer free. She has now developed more.
i would ask your vet; it could just be a cyst, or maybe she has hurt herself and its infected, but it could also be a malignancy, so she needs an expert. Good luck- bunnies are nice people.
It could be many things. Is the spot hot? If it is is could just be an abcess. If it is then you can try to lance it yourself (open the wound), then clean it with nolvasan diluted to a light blue (can find it at a feed store) and put some kind of antiseptic on it (such as neosporin). You could also find a vet to do this if you do not feel comfortable doing it or don't feel qualified.
If it is a tumor that you can see on the outside you can tie a tight string around it and in a few days it will fall off, again the vet is a another choice if you do not feel comfortable.
Third if it is a hard painful lump under the skin it could be cancer and she should either be taken to the vet and treated, put to sleep, or kept comfortable as long as possible.
Most important make her happy
You really shouldn't house the rabbit with the guinea pig. They both have different nutritional requirements. Also the rabbit could very easily smother the piggie.
This could be a tumor or cancer but lumps can also be a sign of myxomatosis. Check her carefully, if she has signs of swelling around the head or genitals, problems with her eyes, very thirsty or going off her food, take her to the vets Immediately!! In best case scenarios rabbits with myxomatosis live 13 days, so please get her checked as soon as possible!
she might have just knocked it or hit it on somthing while hopping around maybe hope it and heals and hope i helped
Some times when small pets like rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters get older, they get lumps and bumps. I have a guinea pig that had a lump on her tummy, called a 'jelly bean'.

It is about the size of a jelly bean, and should not hurt when you put light pressure on it or touch it. It should also stay the same size, if the size changes it could be something more serious, a cyst, perhaps.

my rabbit chews on everything how can i get hime to stop?

First off, xdogma and luther: please do your research before you speak. Rabbits are not rodents. They haven't been considered rodents for over a hundred years. Rabbits belong to the lagomorph family, and are actually more closely related to hooved animals such as horses and cows than they are to rats and hamsters.

Second, it's a rabbit's nature to chew on all kinds of things. You can use vinegar as a deterrent. There is also a product sold at most petstores called "Bitter Apple" that comes in a spray bottle. It tastes just like a bitter apple (as well as smells like one but the smell goes away as soon as it dries), that works very well to deter rabbits from chewing on things like cords. If you don't want to go out and buy some of this, and don't have access to plain white vinegar, you can use just a plain spray bottle with plain water. Most rabbits don't like to get wet, so water can work very well as a deterent.

My rabbits also tend to chew on cords, and they don't always respond to these methods. I've gotten to the point where all the cords in my house are hidden by furniture so that the temptation just isn't there. When all else fails, it never hurts to try to just hide the cords out of sight. Hope it helps!
Give it more hay and wood chews. They chew when they are bored.
you want it to chew. If you don't let it, then it's front teeth will be loooong, so get it a salt wheel, and flavored wood sticks. Or take it to the vet so often to get it's teeth clipped.
those first two answers are good ones.
Provide plenty of wooden chew sticks, and a salt lick for him or her in the cage.

I cannot emphasize enough how important this is, as a current rabbit friend has a major cut in his mouth due to overgrown teeth.

To stop it from chewing on other things, put vinegar on the objects you don't want him or her chewing on.
You can get "hime" to stop chewing on everything by taking a small hammer and knocking his teeth out one at a time.
its a rabbits natural behavior
Get a water bottle, and when he chews, squirt him. Or clap your hands. That works on my bunny.
All rodents need something to chew on because their teeth
grow so fast always give the rabbit some chew blocks to chew on
It's a rodent,it will chew.
Rabbits do naturally chew on things - this is why it's so important to keep electric cables and poisonous plants tucked far away from them. Keep all electrical cables tucked well underneath thick rugs or mats or cushions, or you can securely attach cables so they're running up high along your walls, where your bunn can't reach them.

Rabbits' teeth never stop growing, so it's natural for them to chew, to keep their teeth from getting too long - this is one of the reasons that hay is so very important - rabbits should have access to good quality hay 24/7, both for their teeths' health, and for their digestive health.

What's your rabbit chewing on that you want him to stop chewing? If he's chewing on your wallpaper or door frames or furniture, you can try placing plain brown cardboard boxes in front of these things while he's out in your room - he'll probably really enjoying playing with and chewing the brown cardboard boxes, and it will distract him from chewing your furniture/walls!

Have a read of these great detailed rabbit sites too - - my own site - please have a browse and enjoy reading!
You should bunny proof your house. You need to buy split loom cable from a hardware store and start wrapping wires in it. You can also buy a product called bitter apple or fooey and spray it on surfaces you don't want it to eat. You can try limiting the space your rabbit has access to with baby gates.
give him or her salt

My rabbit bit two of my friends,what should i do,whats wrong with her?

You're being way too agressive with it. Give it time to warm up to ONLY you. The reason that it goes to the back of the cage is because it wants to be left alone. Do you do this during the daytime hours? Rabbits are a nocturnal animal. They sleep during the day and are awake at night.

Rabbits do not need baths as they cleanse themselves just like a cat does, therefore I can see why the rabbit went crazy. Never blow dry the ears! The extra air can cause an infection in there.

Also, a rabbits nails need to be trimmed once every six weeks by a professional. If their nails get too long they won't be able to keep their feet flat on the floor to hop. This can be very painful for them.

A rabbit's cage should be cleaned out and sanitized a minimum of three times per week. If they breathe in their own urine and feces it can cause an infection in their nasal cavity which causes them to make "sneezing" and "barking" noises.

I highly highly recommend that you get a book about rabbit care or check out It sounds, to me, like you got a pet for their cuteness and know nothing about it's care.
Why are you blow-drying a rabbit?!

Rabbits are sociable animals and like company. Get him a friend.
kill it and eat it and use its feet for a necklace emblem
The wabbit has to go.

My quinea pig won't run in her ball. How do I get her to move?

We bought her a run-about ball and she just sits there.not moving, not budging. The last guinea pig I had loved his ball and while they are all different and I understand that.I don't understand why I can't get this one to run. Any helpful advice would be appreciated! I hope I didn't waste $15.00. Thanks
Some pigs just don't like the ball, it makes them nervous. If you want to get them used to it just put him in it for 10 minutes twice a could be he just doesn't know what to do.
get him used to it
Check to see if it's alive.
put food in there
give the ball a little puch and if she run give her some her her favorite food.
well some quinea pigs dont like to run in them you cant really force her.
I have 2 little piggies and neither of them us the ball. I think it is all about your little piggie if she wants to use it or not. Don't worry she will do what she wants.
put a treat in the ball.
push it and see what it does
Every pig has his or her own personality. Some enjoy toys like the ball, some don't. Get to know your pig, and don't worry if everything you buy them doesn't go over. Just like with a human child, a new toy isn't always going to be a hit (and the things you don't expect become favorites).
she might not know what the hell that thing is
give her a little push %26 she'll figure it out soon
if not then it wasnt meant 2 b
Hi, Michelle---

Just wanted to warn you that, while you can buy guinea pig balls for your pet, they are not good for guinea pigs. They can put a strain on their back. I would advise you not to use it, especially if your guinea pig is not using it. It may because he is uncomfortable and it hurts him. What I have done is bought a little small hexagon shaped pen, and let them run in that area, so they get exercise. Mine loved to run and eat in their little pen. That way they are contained and still get exercise.
Poke her in the butt.
put food in there thats what i did for my hamsters
Leave her alone! She might not be an athletic type. Would you like to run around in a ball against your will?
try him on a downhill slop so he gets the idea
Guinea pigs should NOT have running balls! They do not have bendy backs like small rodents and putting your guinea pig in the ball can seriously hurt it's back. Guinea pigs are big enough to free run, balls are pointless!

my puppy pees every where!?

i have a 3 month old chihuhua and a two year ols jack russell the two year old always pees and gets into things while i am at work and now my new puppy is doing the same thing! how do i stop this from happening?
You can't housebreak a puppy before its about 4 months old. It's like trying to get an infant to hold its bladder.

Once the puppy is old enough try this method:
Confine your puppy to a small area of your home. Use boards or child safety gates to keep it in the area. Cover the entire floor with newspaper. At first the puppy will pee everywhere, but soon you'll find he has a favorite spot. Once that happens, start taking the other newspaper away. When you clean, save a piece of the pee scented paper and put it under the clean paper you put down. This will allow the puppy to smell his pee and stop him from going on the areas you don't have paper on now. Once the puppy goes only in that spot, start taking it outside to toilet every 2 hours or so. Have a word you want the dog to associate with toileting (like potty). When the puppy starts to do its business say the word and praise the dog. Soon it will learn the word means 'go' and that it makes its owner happy. This will help you get the dog to go where you want it to and keep you from having to spend hours outside if its freezing. Once you start to see the dog go less and less inside, take all the newspaper away and clean the area with an enzyme based animal urine cleaner. If you catch the dog going in the house, say, "No!" firmly (You don't have to scream, dogs aren't deaf), immediately take it outside and say "potty". Clean all accidents with the urine cleaner.

I've used this method to housebreak many dogs over the years. They learn it quickly and almost never have accidents.

As for the two year old. The smell of its urine all over your house will only teach the puppy that it's OK to go there. Dogs pee to mark and will always try to pee over another dog's scent. You can try the same type of training, but the habit might be too ingrained to fix. Your only hope might have to be to crate it when you're not home. Chose a crate that's only big enough for the dog to stand and lay in. Put food and water in the crate with the dog. Dogs don't like to eat where they. go, and may learn to control its bowel/bladder for the amount of time you're usually gone. Worst thing that could happen is you don't have to search and clean messes from all over. Some/plenty of dogs are poorly trained or never get it. It's often the reason people ditch them and they end up in a shelter.
Put a diaper on him.
That's normal, the puppy will grow out ot it.
let it pee outside when they back
crate training is good..
after eating, playing, sleeping, puppies need to go pee.
try that. and give them praise when they go outside..
Piss on them
Buy a large crate and put them in it while you are away. When they are house broke you can leave them out.
First, put them in a cage while you are at work. Second, use Nature's Miracle to clean up the pee spots.

If you don't want to cage them, buy the pee mats. They are mats that you can get at any pet store that have a scent for the dog to pee on.
Try crate training them. Leave them in a crate while you are at work and then let them out when they get home. Dogs generally won't pee if they are in a cage.
He needs an outdoor area. Actually puppies dont do well when ppl are gone all wont stop if he is alone that much.
I know my puppy (3 y.o., but I call him puppy) only has about a 1 hour span where he is "pee pee clear" or "safe".

I take him out, he goes, then he's got 1 hr.
If he doesn't want to go again in 1 hr, or I take him out %26 he won't go, I put him in his or my room (with a nice blanket, heater, water, etc.) %26 close door. He barks a little once in a while for a minute or if it's the first time, maybe 5 min but then he will get used to it %26 know if he didn't go, he can't be loose.

After 2 hrs or whatever, I get him out of room %26 if he pees, he's free again. good luck %26 kiss them a lot.
Kill it. (I hate dogs anyways)
get those puppy pads and when they go, hold them under it so they know thats where you want them to go and then you just throw them away when they are done.put them where its o.k. for them to go and then start early putting it at the front or back door to train them to go outside inless you plan on buying the pads from now on and its kindof like a pups litter
kill em - there problem solved
puppy pads in the create at first then move them in spots in the house and they treat it like the grass outside
You are probablly setting a bad example for them while you are home. Straighten up, dud!!
The 2 yr old is training the new puppy, and both of them are training you. if you don't train them. your home will smell like a pisspot. They can't pee every where if they can't get every where. Stop giving them access to the entire house while you are at work.

When you leave the house, put them in a play pen or section off a very small part of a room with a child safety gate. Place food and bedding in one section and newspaper in another. As they learn to paper train, increase the sectioned area to a few feet. and then room by room. When you come home, feed them and then take them outside the house so they can pee. You will need to teach them using a word association and reward system. This is a slow process, but if you are at work it's the only way of keeping your home in order.
Your 2yo is still too young to have the run of the house while you are gone. Would you leave a preschool child home alone? The JR needs lots and lots of exercise. When you think you have walked/played it some more. Dogs like routine and they need a job also. Walking with small pack etc.
If you can catch them doing it, this is a good method: wipe up the mess with a paper towel, then take the dog and the wet paper towel out to the yard, or the area you WANT him to use. Then lay the paper towel down and let him smell it. No pushing noses into it, no matter how much you want to! Then use a command word like "go potty", and be consistant about it. Every time you take him out to pee say "go potty" and take him to that spot. He will get the idea eventually that THIS is where he pees. Be patient. Housebreaking is alot easier on everyone when the cooler head prevails. I have trained 3 dogs this way, and I know it works!
Good luck!
chain them to a tree until they learn

my pregnant mouse?

my mouse is pregnant i can tell i can actually feel them in her. well i was wondering wen she is going to be due. she was a really small mouse she was still a baby. she is only a little bit bigger now %26 her tummy hang down abit.i can see her teets through her fur. so does anyone know how long til she will have them?
Pregnancy lasts an average of 3 weeks but can be tended as much as 10 days longer.
Litter sizes average 10-12 pups, though it is not unusual for a male's first litter to be smaller in number.
Litter sizes decrease as breeding females age.
It is wise not to disturb mice for the first 2-3 days after giving birth. Pups are usually weaned at about 3 weeks of age.
The female resumes her breeding cycle 2-5 days after her pups have been weaned.
probably soon, they only take three weeks to be born and have more mice
You look mad..why you are rearing a Mice??Aren't you afraid from Plague?
19-21 Days. But the real concern here is how did she get pregnant and what are you gonna do with the babies? Mice mature and reproduce quickly and with babies of both sexes in one contained area, you're gonna need a plan or you're gonna have a problem on your hands.
aww dats so cute . but dont be touching the mice while shes pregnant dats not good .. jus keep it clean .. n do not touch the babies cuz shes gonna eat it if they like humans
Usually you only start noticing the pregnancy during the last week of it, so I would say about a week from the time you noticed.

My pregnant hamster isnt eating or being very active. Should I be concerned?

They usually do this before they have babies. My pet ratties did it before they gave birth. They just start getting ready to go into labor. Call the vet if you feel insecure about her health.
yes.. go to ur veternarian!
no it's normal. my sister had hamsters and they only died because she left the father in the cage, and when he ate the babies the mother just sat in her "house". finally she died of depression.
wow. just because hampsters r small and chaep doesn't mean they r easy 2 bread. u abviously don't know enough about them.
I think it's fine she is not active I mean she is preagnant! but u should see a vet about her not eating. If she doesn't eat that is not healthy for her babies!
how pregnant? she could be getting ready to deliver they stop everything when delivering even going to the bathroom watch she doesnt eat them by mistake
my hamster has babies and just lyk humans u become more tired but monitor the food and water because they need tht to survive
i think its normal,but talk to ur vet just to be safe